Our Story

Pilgrims Process Publishing was founded on a passion for journeys of discovery and a belief in the transformational power of reading. We are not driven by profit, so we publish books that are of specialized interest as well as books that have continued demand. We take pride in the quality of our productions. You can be assured of careful editing and an attractive layout when you purchase our books.

We don’t limit ourselves to any specialty, though our editorial focus is the theme of inspiration. We have published a number of satires and books on travel and pilgrimage. In addition, we publish a guidebook series entitled “Powerful Places In ...“. Current titles include Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, the Caminos de Santiago and Catalonia. 

We are aware of the revolution that is taking place in the book publishing industry and have fully embraced technical developments such as print on demand (POD) and electronic books (eBooks). Many of our books are now available for reading on the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad. We are witnessing the merging of books with the resources of the internet, which allows for the inclusion of audio and video as well as instant updating of content. Some of our print books take advantage of these resources with the inclusion of QR codes.

Browse our catalog. We hope you enjoy what you find there.

Some History from our Publisher, Gary White

Pilgrims Process founders Gary White and Elyn Aviva in Girona, Spain. 

Pilgrims Process founders Gary White and Elyn Aviva in Girona, Spain. 

Pilgrims Process, Inc. began publishing in 2001 when Elyn Aviva's classic travel narrative on the Camino de Santiago (Following the Milky Way) needed a new edition. University presses (which had published the first edition) were going out of business or severely limiting publication, and commercial publishers were only interested in best sellers. I saw a need and had the computer skills to do the production. 

Over the years, I have gradually expanded our offerings, publishing books that I think are worth being in print without regard to potential sales. I have enjoyed being part of the technical revolution in book publishing and try to keep up to date on new techniques that add to the value and content of our offerings.