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We are excited to announce the publication of Powerful Places in Malta — A Broader Perspective. This is the latest addition to our Powerful Places Guidebook series. It includes in-depth information about a number of controversial topics. We were able to get this book out sooner than we had imagined. Just click on the links below the cover to get to the page where you can order the book.

Malta is a tiny island nation located in the middle of the Mediterranean. Its gigantic ancient temples are among the oldest free-standing monuments in the world—predating Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid by more than 1000 years. They are also unique in construction and floor plan. But just how old are they? Why are there so many? Are they oriented to astronomical events?

And what about the unique “Fat Lady” statues? Are they female? What do they really represent? 

And what on earth are the “cart-ruts”?  How old are they, and why were they made? Were they really used to transport items on carts? 

And what about the mysterious underground temple called the Hypogeum? Was it really a burial pit for 7000 people?

That’s just for starters. When was Malta really settled? What about the long-headed skulls that were on display in the Museum of Archaeology in Valletta and are no longer? What about the legends of strange creatures appearing in the Hypogeum?

This guidebook is the latest addition to our Powerful Places Guidebook series. So it’s not only about  the conflicts, controversies, and conspiracies swirling around Malta like a whirlpool. It’s also about visiting powerful sacred sites and places of natural beauty, of which Malta has an abundance. Throughout the guidebook, we provide suggestions for how to turn casual tourism into transformational travel.